Coming Soon...

A blog is in the works! We want to invite you into our crazy world that is the restaurant. So, we are looking for some feedback. We want to start out right and hear from you on items you want to know. We are also going to create a monthly newsletter to keep you updated with what is going on at both District 36 Wine Bar & Grill and The Urban Grill.

Help us make this blog and newsletter OUR place for information. Please submit your answers through email, or the comments section.

-What would you like to see?

-Is there anything specific you would want us to include such as an events calendar, specials, food/alcohol knowledge?

-Would you like to be on our email list or receive a physical copy of the newsletter through snail mail?

We are planning on posting a blog every Sunday after the new year. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates!


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